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Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Banksy Takes Los Angeles: Documenting The Street Artist's Tour of Tinseltown

The British street artist Banksy is back in Los Angeles, just in time to create hype around his Oscar-nominated documentary Exit Through the Gift Shop. This past week, Hollywood has been abuzz with daily reports of new Banksy-claimed street art pieces—at least seven since we last checked.
The work pictured above—titled "Livin' the Dream"—was created on a traffic-choked corner of Sunset Boulevard, just steps from the Sunset Strip. Using a billboard promoting partying in Las Vegas as its canvas, the piece features Vegasified renditions of Disney's favorite couple: Mickey and Minnie Mouse.

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Star Wars rebooted as a Western, with humanized droids

From the creator of Steampunk Star Wars comes a new reimagining: Western Wars. Sillof has re-imagined classic Star Wars characters as gritty Western ranchers. Which means we get R2 and C-3PO in creepy human form. Given that Star Wars copies so much from Westerns originally, it's fascinating to see this universe go back the other way.

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Get inspired by visions of the future from science fiction's "second golden age"

Sci-fi art from the second Golden Age of Science Fiction when books, magazines and films had some of the most amazing and memorable covers/artwork from artists like Peter Elson, Angus Mckie, Chris Foss and Tim White and John Berkey.

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Thursday, 17 February 2011

Vintage Comic Women Take Charge

Rear View Girls - Los Angeles

Hot ladies fit hidden camera to their posterior to catch all the sly men (and women)

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10 Creative Amputation Tattoos

When life throws you a curve ball, get a tattoo

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50 Stunning Homes Built Into Nature

There’s nothing more organic than a home that blends in flawlessly with its environment. Whether it be mountains, rocks or trees, these awesome homes fit right in.

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The Evolution of Ghosts

The 30 Best Screenshots From The Jeremy Kyle Show

San Francisco on Thursday: event for new urban art book Trespass

Made in collaboration with featured artists, Trespass examines the rise and global reach of graffiti and urban art, tracing key figures, events and movements of self-expression in the city's social space, and the history of urban reclamation, protest, and illicit performance. The first book to present the full historical sweep, global reach and technical developments of the street art movement, Trespass features key works by 150 artists

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Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Turnstyle » Slideshow: Mark Laita’s Created Equal

Photographer Mark Laita's "Created Equal" is a series of portraits of Americans juxtaposed in rather provocative diptychs. Pairings include the likes of marine/war veteran, Baptist churchgoer/white supremacist, pedophile/child, and, seen above, polygamist/pimp. Turnstyle interviewed Laita and presents a selection of the Created Equal photos

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Friday, 11 February 2011

Flags of Every Country

Describes the symbolism of each nation's flag.

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