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Wednesday, 21 October 2009

T-Mobile snares escaped loon

All conversation stops at Houghton Hall when this otherwise unremarkable ad for T-Mobile appears.
It begins with a man, off-camera, asking “What would you do with 350 minutes?” to which the person on the right answers “I’d call my nan and I’d thank her for all the Christmas presents that I haven’t ever thanked her for.”
Not the world’s most inspiring answer, but relevant, I suppose.
The ad would be one of the thousands each year to sink into the pit of oblivion that’s filled with the broken dreams of ambitious Creatives.
At least, it would be, but for one tiny factor.
The weird girlfriend.
Next time you see this ad, don’t watch the chap who looks like a Scandinavian lumberjack with the personality of a tree.
Instead, keep an eye on Davina McCall’s insane sister.
There is something going on in her head that has nothing to do with Mr Dull.

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