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Monday, 4 January 2010

Just what the year needs: a ZZ-Top guy with a machine gun and wings

The trouble with car advertising is the intrinsic nature of the product. It’s a box with 4 wheels. Recognising that such an object (that most of us encounter in volumes in hundreds or thousands every day) is not interesting, ad agencies have tried to show cars do improbable things like swing off cranes, breakdance and turn into submarines. Frankly, this approach is shit.

My fancy little directory fails to identify the agency behind the new ad for the Seat Ibiza which is a pity because 2010 begins with that near-impossible feat: a car ad that’s different and good.

The best thing about it is that it doesn’t show off the car.

No sticky-knickered alpha males.

No challenging geography.

No shine porn.

In fact, it’s easy to miss the car as the focus is on the emotion the car supposedly stimulates in those who encounter it. Top this with gorgeous art direction delivered with cheeky humour and we have a lovely ad for a product which might otherwise be just a well-polished turd.

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