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Monday, 23 May 2011

10 poems everyone should know -

We're having an arty farty Friday at your favourite men's lifestyle website today. Whether you're digging into our review of the Idler Academy or devouring our deconstruction of shock value, you're guaranteed to be having some arty farty fun time.

And the art doesn't stop there, because we're about to hit you with some poetry. Yeah, poetry, what of it? We're fans of poetry at Asylum and we're not even afraid to admit it so there.

In fact we're such big fans of poetry we thought it was high time that we shared some of our favourite poems with you.

Poems we feel it is absolutely salient that everyone knows -- and no that doesn't included anything by Rudyard bloody Kipling... or does it?

Keep reading to find out if "If" made the list.

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