Advertising, scepticism and zombies

Monday, 24 August 2009

Kids' games

Why is the new mural in the Children's ward at Southend Hospital giving the kids nightmares?

I never understood why, even after a total zombie holocaust, you never saw zombie kids. Single hits like the undead baby in the remake of Dawn of the Dead, and the lad in the petrol station in 28 Day Later don't count.

Pic from Ffffound!


  1. Because kids in real life can already be a huge pain in the backside. Zombie children are a step too far, not only will they nag for the latest zombie toys like "Tickle Me Eaten" and "Power Mangers" they will chew on your leg if you do not provide them quickly!

    Just came across your blog via random searching, I like it already. Keep writing ;)

  2. Thanks Chris. Zombie kids - potentially terrifying for the wrong reasons, eh? - are an unexploited sub-genre.
    I'm impressed at your commenting because I have avoided promoting this blog.

  3. You'll be surprised what a British teenager will come across if he has both the time off work and the boredom to do so. I have spades of both at the moment and finidng little boredom busters like this is a fun game.

    Who doesn't want to see five year olds gorging on the blood of their mothers in a frenzy? That's a brilliant story line right there.