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Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Geekgasm: Star Wars v Zombies

True Blood is a fun distraction, but unoriginal. Vampires are now a romantic teen cliché, far removed from the fun Hammer horrors of my youth. They’re a poor trend subject too, now that they’re all about sex. Since Anne Rice’s novels, vampires have lost their strong association with death. Stand aside, fanged ones, you’ve wimped out.
Shuffle forward the horror creature that appeals to all ages: the zombie.
This chart cheekily suggested a correlation with the deservedly frightening undead and social unrest. Since George Romero introduced the flesh-eating walking dead four decades ago, zombies have become synonymous with unstoppable plagues.
It’s not hard to see how wide-ranging societal threats like plunging economies and flu pandemics can, in terms of entertainment, be represented by a world-threatening zombie outbreak, which is why I chuckle with delight at this marriage between the escapism of Star Wars and the nihilism of the undead: Death Troopers.
Even better, this is likely to be part of an MMO, or massively multiplayer online game, where there could potentially be a galaxy-wide outbreak. I want!

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