Advertising, scepticism and zombies

Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Trivialising terror in the name of Green

This is a pretty foul ad spotted on Coloribus. What is it about environmental groups that predisposes them toward offensiveness? PETA put animals before people and Greenpeace try and paint their targets as idiots. Now, the once sedate WWF trivialise 9/11, an event that had nothing to do with nature and everything to do with god-inspired evil.
The answer is simple: Green is, to some people, a religion that thrives on dogma. Criticism and reasonable argument are not in the province of these people.
A pity.

Thanks to RachelC for the correction. WWF deny any involvement with this press release.
Coloribus attributes this work to DDB Brasil, which, if it's true, means that DDB are responsible for an enormous fuck up.
Watch this space for another correction.


  1. YOu know it's a fake ad? Not created for them but by an agency they had nothing to do with? See the press release on their site or their twitter profile This says more about the ad business than an environmental group

  2. Thanks for the heads up RachelC.